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who we are

the newspaper

the newspaper is the University of Toronto's independent paper, and the largest student-run publication in Canada.

Founded in 1978 by editors Steven Petranik, Thomas Simpson and Ken Whitehurst, the newspaper has been publishing weekly or biweekly for 34 years without any financial support from the University of Toronto. We are entirely self-sufficient, relying solely on advertising revenue for our production costs. We are the campus's only truly independent voice, accountable not to shareholder or to investors, but only to U of T students and to the community we serve.

the newspaper is published by Planet Publications Inc., a non-profit organization. All U of T community members, including students, staff and faculty are encouraged to contribute to the newspaper.


the masthead

Our Masthead for 2018-2019:

    Editor-in-Chief Rel Ryann 
    Managing Editor POSITIONS OPEN (1)

    Senior Copy Editor Olivia Anderson-Clarke
    Assistant Copy Editor Erica Sung 
    Design Editors POSITIONS OPEN (4) 
    Visual Content Editor POSITIONS OPEN (1)

    Web Editor  POSITIONS OPEN (1)
    Online Editor Zeynel Akkus

    News Editor Carsten von Wersebe
    Comment Editor  Manjiri Deshpande
    Music Editor  Ben Cannon
    Arts Editor Renna Keriazes

    Business Manager  POSITIONS OPEN (1)
    Business Associates POSITIONS OPEN (3) 
    Public Relations Coordinator Judy Hu 
    Distribution Coordinator POSITION OPEN (1) 


the board 

Our Board of Directors has included: 

    Cara Sabatini
    Helene Goderis
    Yukon Damov
    Dylan Hornby

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