UTSU did not release Youtube video response to public letter by former executive candidate.

On March 17, incoming UTSU executive members, not to be confused with the current executive committee, released the Youtube video in response to an open letter issued by former UTSU executive candidate Sana Ali. Statements in two articles refer to the elected UTSU executive committee as UTSU in regards to the recent video response.

March 21 article entitled "Letter opener not required in latest UTSU developments" stated, "UTSU released its two-part video response over the weekend." Correction: UTSU executive team-elect released its two-part video response over the weekend.

March 21 opinion article entitled "Time to fast forward to democracy" included the phrase "In regards to UTSU blocking comments on its Youtube channel." Correction: the videos were released by elected UTSU executives for the 2013-2014 year on Youtube channel Lemon Green.

While UTSU VP of University Affairs and President-elect Munib Sajjad along with current VP Campus Life Yolen Bollo-Kamara were involved in the video entitled "Our Response," the current UTSU as a whole is not responsible for the video. the newspaper sincerely apologizes for the errors, as well as for the chaos, confusion or catastrophe that may have ensued as a result.

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