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After over a year of negotiations, the first collective agreement for academic contract workers at St. Michael’s College will have to wait. Although the unionized workers had threatened to strike if a deal was not reached by midnight Wednesday, they agreed to continue negotiations Thursday morning. The union will convene with its members Thursday at 5pm, with either a deal to be ratified or rejected, or a notice to pursue strike action. A notice will be published on their website.

The union, CUPE 3902, Unit 4, comprises all persons employed by St. Mike’s on sessional contracts and includes sessional lecturers and teaching assistants.

Should a strike happen, then graduate theology courses, undergraduate classes, continuing education programs and help for students in writing labs will not be offered by Unit 4 members. “The outstanding issue was job security,” said Shiraz Vally, Staff Representative for the Unit 4 bargaining committee. “What they were offering was less than what exists anywhere at U of T.” “What our proposal has been is [that] once you’ve taught a course, you have a right to teach it again unless, of course, they use the appropriate progressive discipline procedure which is in the contract,” said Dr. Daniel Bader, Chair of the Unit 4 bargaining committee. “What they offered was not anything remotely acceptable. At 11:55[pm], they gave us something we could talk about.”

A notice was published Wednesday on St. Mike’s website regarding possible strike action: “Should mediation not be successful, and should the Union decide to strike, the University will remain open and provide as normal operations as possible, including the continuation of classes.

“Faculty and staff who are not members of CUPE 3902, Unit 4 are expected to come to work. Students should assume that classes will continue during job action, and are expected to attend scheduled classes, unless otherwise notified.”

the newspaper is pursuing further comment from St. Michael’s College.

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  • Subtitle: University will conduct ‘as normal operations as possible,’ in case of strike
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