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The Engineering Department is about to get a makeover, graffiti style.

Take a walk out this morning to 55 St. George Street and you will notice construction taking place for the new Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship. That’s pretty exciting (well, it is if you’re an engineer, because you get a new building), but what is probably even more exciting is the graffiti montage that you’ll notice in front of it. It is pretty huge: it’s the longest graffiti art collaboration in all of Toronto, spanning approximately 84 metres horizontally. The man behind the project is Jason Wing, also known by his graffiti name as SKAM. Wing has been in the graffiti business for over 25 years and has worked with large companies such as Louis Vuitton and MuchMusic.

The purpose of this artistic collaboration is to highlight the history and international impact students and faculty from the Engineering Department at the University of Toronto have had. The project started in August of this year, and engineering students and faculty members created the graffiti design last year. The graffiti design notably includes images such as: the Nanoleaf One light bulb, the most efficient bulb in the world, designed at the University of Toronto; the Solar Car, a racing car created by the Blue Sky Solar Racing team at the University of Toronto; images of our university’s logo and much, much more.

The mural includes interesting tidbits that you might miss or not at first understand the significance of, so we have included a list of small images to look out for when you go visit the mural.

  1. The Astronaut.
    Significance: The astronaut depicts Julie Payette, a graduate of the University of Toronto, who was the first Canadian astronaut to visit the International Space Station.

  2. The Drone.
    Significance: A new generation of drones will be looked at and studied by the Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics.

  3. Space Invaders.
    Significance: The Engineering Department invests its time into creating video games and apps that you use.

  4. Volleyball.
    Significance: Being an engineer is not only work! It’s a lot of fun as well. A lot of engineers are active members of Varsity teams here at the university.

  5. Convocation Hall.
    Significance: Graduations are commemorated here twice each year, celebrating University of Toronto engineers entering the real world and using their newfound expertise and knowledge to make the world a better place.


Wing describes his artwork as having “bold, funky [colors], telling a full story of what engineering means to this school.” This is not something Wing is used to, as he states that he normally works with graffiti letters and not montages.

“It’s awesome … I’ve done a lot of major corporations, but nothing [at] this scale,” notes Wing. Wing is collaborating with Aleksandrs Popelavskis and Alex Lazich in creating this montage. “To work with two of my best friends, right at the end of summer, I can’t ask for anything more.”

The graffiti montage is going to be there until 2017, when the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship is projected to be completed. To keep up to date with this exciting project, be sure to check out the hashtags #CEICxSKAM and #uoftengineering on Twitter.

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