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It is safe to assume that most university beer drinkers pay little attention to the beer they consume. Thankfully, the boozepaper has arrived to educate members of the U of T beer drinking community about what they should look for in a beer.
As a participant in the evaluation process featured in this issue, I would like to impart some of the beer sommelier skills I obtained after an enjoyable evening of sampling. First – if possible – it is beneficial to try and sample blindly, to eliminate personal bias. Second, before sipping the beer, take time to note the appearance and smell. Too often, beer drinkers fail to recognize the many subtleties in the look and smell of a beer that will undoubtedly influence the flavour of the beer upon first sip. Finally, when you take the first sip, notice how (and whether or not) everything ties together. Take a moment to examine the first notes, the carbonation, and the aftertaste.
While beer-tasting skills are fairly universal, beer preferences will always be personal. My fellow judges on the boozepaper panel varied widely in their tastes: some preferred lighter beers, some opted for fruity or complex, others preferred dark, heavy stouts. Not surprisingly then, there is no standout winner or loser in the overall rankings – you will have to use the above skills to find your personal favourite.
- Melinda Mortillaro

Introducing our beer sommeliers!
Here's why they said they'd make good judges:
Helene Goderis
As editor of this rag, I’ve boosted my beer drinking tolerance more than I care to admit.

Victoria Dobbs
I’m looking forward to trying new beers and expanding my palette.

Melinda Mortillaro
I live in a crawl space of a major brewery. But no one knows, so ssshhh…

Cara Sabatini
My tongue is a beer-soaking sponge that tastes hops, yeast and alcohol instead of sweet, bitter and salty.

Siana Trailson
My mother was a speak-easy prostitute and my father was Jack Daniels. I ate my morning cereal with Guiness instead of milk.

Noah Gataveckas
In my second year of running the newspaper’s annual beer gauntlet, I have twice the experience, twice the spare time and twice the bladder. Viva Beer Vegas!

Chris Nash
I love sharing beer with friends and trying something new.

Sarah D’Angelo
I could beat Judge Judy in a beauty contest.

Alan Jones
I’m Irish, and not in the way that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. As proof – I once got kicked out of Molly Bloom’s for heckling karaoke singers.

Amanda Smallwood
I’m an impressionable young lass, open to the wooing of many a beer.

Alex Nursall
I’m a bear coniss.. connisomthing… - Whatever, I’m very, very good looking.

Amy Stupavsky
I have really great taste buds!

Brian Jackson
Government scientists performed a rare procedure on my mother’s womb while I was in gestation. They replaced the amniotic fluid with a rich stout, assuring that I’d be born into the world with excellent beer tasting abilities - and drunk.

The following brews didn't make it to print, but here are their overall scores:
3.2 Alexander Keith's Dark Ale
3.1 Nickel Brook Pilsner
3.1 Amsterdam Stout
3.0 Wellington Iron Duke Strong Ale
3.0 KLB Raspberry Wheat Ale
3.0 Tankhouse Ale
3.0 Lakeport Pilsner
2.9 Amsterdam Natural Blonde
2.9 Amsterdam Nut Brown Ale
2.9 Barley Days Harvest Gold Pale Ale
2.8 Wellington County Dark Ale
2.8 Wellington Arkel Best Bitter
2.8 StoneHammer Premium Pilsner
2.8 Stock Ale
2.7 Nickel Brook Organic Lager
2.6 Devil's Pale Ale 666
2.6 Rickards Dark
2.6 Brava Premium Lager
2.5 Canadian 67
1.8 Creemore Springs Traditional Pilsner

Special thanks to the following breweries for participating:
Molson Coors Canada
Better Bitters Brewing Co.
Mill St. Brewery
Wellington Brewery
Labatt Brewing Co.
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Cool Beer Brewing Co.
Hockley Valley Brewing Co.
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
Barley Days Brewery
Creemore Springs Brewery
F&M Brewery
Amsterdam Brewing Co.

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