Welcome to the Valentine's Day issue Photos by BRENDAN GEORGE-KO
Your guide to our annual Love and Sex edition, full of romance, porn, protests, and personal ads

Opinion: V-day demonstration dances around problems of violence against women

Valentine call to arms confounds problems of violence against women while offering no solutions, writes SARAH BOIVIN

Fighting against colonialism . . . with love

Annual Decolonizing Our Minds conference challenges forms of inequality, reports MANAAL ISMACIL

Love and sex dissected on campus

SEBASTIAN GREENHOLTZ shines a light on recent U of T research examining romance and the erotic

Get a grip: sex toys and female empowerment in the city

Toronto sex shops promote female sexual empowerment ad satisfy women on the grid, says CARISSA AINSLIE

Toronto the Good gone bad

DYLAN HORNBY explains how the former Puritan haven became one of Canada’s most sexually liberated cities

The Debate: porn stars vs construction workers

EMERSON VANDERBERG and SEBASTIAN GREENHOLTZ argue whether or not pornography is inherently more exploitative than other jobs

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives: keeping our stories alive

World’s largest volunteer-run LGBTQ archives is now hiring, reports ISAAC THORNLEY

Take me to Pompeii where the love is sweet (and phallocentric)

Why were ancient Pompeians obsessed with the penis? asks YUKON DAMOV. (Bonus content—read past the end of the article for a selection of salacious graffiti found on the walls of Pompeii, compiled by DAVID STOKES)

Feminist porn opens up

SINEAD DOHERTY-GRANT and DAVID STOKES talk to a sex prof who says genre may be key to unleashing latent fantasies

the newspaper personals: single staff members seek matches

There's a hole in our heart that only you can fill.

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