Photo Credits: Stefan Bird

Going to the Silver Dollar for a show can be intimidating; the grungy venue can turn a lot of people off from catching some great, intimate rock shows. This past Friday night was my second time visiting the Silver Dollar, and this time it was to see the band EricArthurBlair, along with opening acts Mike Ruby, The Peculiar, and The Fallers—holy sh*t that’s a long bill!

EricArthurBlair is a local band that formed last year, comprised of members Patrick Hamilton (vocals), Zach Goddard (guitar), Matt Denyes (guitar), Zack Stuckey (bass), and Austin Jones (drums). The group released their debut album So, Shall We? (2015) last summer, and carry an alt-jazz vibe—however, in person they perform quite differently.

Before diving into the headliner’s performance, three openers provided entertainment for the audience. Mike Ruby had an unoriginal poppy sound, reminding me of a young Justin Bieber mixed with some Backstreet Boys. Being inconsistent with his style, it felt like I was watching some frat “bros” try to impress some sorority girls by dancing awkwardly at the bar.


The music definitely picked up with the performance of The Peculiar, another local alt-rock band. This group provided a way better atmosphere that the audience was definitely into. They had a unique sound that is difficult to compare to any well-known musician, as they started with a bluesy-rock vibe and transitioned into a heavier rock sound. The lead singer reminded me of a “rougher” Said the Whale sound. The Silver Dollar was half full by this point, and most of the crowd had circled around the tiny stage to dance along to the music.


The last opener of the night was again another local band called The Fallers. The trio provided the audience with alternative tunes with punk undertones, which everyone loved. I even witnessed very interesting dancing from a few audience members. The lead singer provided some true rock as he broke his guitar string within the first song. Luckily there were a multitude of guitars to borrow! The highlight of this group appeared to be their recently released single, “Get Up,” which peaked the crowd’s dancing, all built up around the intimate stage.


After the lengthy opening acts, EricArthurBlair came on stage around 12:30 a.m. Yes, we partied onwards into the morning. Following some great openers, this headliner surprised me with how great they sounded live. Their music connects with the audience in live performance in a way that doesn’t come through on their recordings. Being former jazz students, their work is very technical, but in person, their music had more of a heavier and relaxed sound. In one of their last songs, the band changed it up, and to the delight of many audience members, drummer Austin Jones ditched the drums and played trumpet. Overall, this was a busy night that brought a different environment to the infamous Silver Dollar, providing amazing music and an all-round pleasant time!

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