Throughout the summer, players from across the GTA and as far as Buffalo and Montreal have been coming to U of T’s St. George campus to compete in Red Bull: Fight for the 6ix, a Street Fighter V tournament series. Held in the Medical Sciences Building, players fight for pride, cash, and the opportunity to play on an even bigger stage.

Fight for the 6ix is part of a Street Fighter V tournament initiative across North America called Red Bull Proving Grounds. Toronto is one of six cities with a regional circuit, along with Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. After four tournaments, only one player from the Toronto series will move on to fight in the Regional Championships. 

It’s an unforgiving format which demands consistent performance under high pressure over the course of four months. Heading into the final and deciding Fight for the 6ix tournament, here is what the top four ranked players have to say about the tournament series and their performances. The final installment of Fight for the 6ix, Final Defense, takes place on Saturday, Sept. 10 at the Medical Sciences Building at UTSG.



Jordan Alfonzo

AKA CountBlack

Character: Laura

Points: 475

Region: Mississauga

CountBlack won the first tournament in June in an upset over tournament favourite Chi-Rithy, but hasn’t been able to replicate that initial success.

CountBlack: “It’s been a lot of fun. I think I did a lot better when I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to win it all. After winning the first event, I put a lot more pressure on myself. I wasn’t able to repeat or do well in the next two events.”


Bernard Maffi


Character: Necalli

Region: Toronto

A top player in both Street Fighter V and in Super Smash Bros. Melee, RaynEX is a consistent and proven performer in the Toronto fighting game scene. 

RaynEX: “I exceeded my own expectations in terms of results. My journey through this Red Bull qualifier has taught me a ton about dealing with losses and maintaining mental fortitude in later matches. If I play to my full potential, I very much believe I can take the whole thing.”


Henri Oung

AKA Chi-Rithy

Character: Chun-Li

Points: 550

Region: Montreal

Chi-Rithy is a long-time veteran of the Montreal fighting game scene. Although he did not attend in July, a second-place finish in June and a first-place finish in August puts him in a good position to win the ticket to Regionals.

Chi-Rithy: “The Red Bull tournament has been such a blessing for the fighting game community, giving us the opportunity to express ourselves [to] a wider audience. My performance on this series has been great so far.”


Van Nguyen

Character: Nash

Points: 600

Region: Hamilton

One of the most consistent players in the GTA since the release of Street Fighter V, Van rebounded from a ninth place finish in the first Fight for the 6ix with a second place finish in July and a third place finish in August.

Nguyen: “It’s a close race to put it simply. I would rather it not be, and I sometimes kick myself for being ill-prepared for the first few events. But I’m practicing a lot so I’m confident…. I love the Red Bull series. I’m glad there’s a prestigious regular event in our region.”

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