The music bubbling out of Arbor Room last Thursday was that of talented Henri Fabergé and his band of travelling gypsies, The Adorables.

Their melodic, feel-good brand includes family classics such as Crawl Back, Rub & Suck & Tug ('Til My Vacation's Over) and Ventriloquist Love.

The enigmatic Fabergé began his musical adventures as a disgraced, exiled prince from an unspecified European country.

“It was a heavy heart that I left behind in my homeland, many hearts to be sure, aching beneath the breast of many beauties, and others,” explains Fabergé. “My proclivity towards these individuals and our enjoyable times together were not in keeping with the ambitions of my family line. I fear for my safety in saying more.”

He fled his home to venture around the world with a constantly changing group of musicians. If their self-entitled first album’s cover bears truth, The Adorables should consist of about nine members.

“The duo I perform with currently are a husband and wife affair from Belgium,” he says. “I met them in a tavern and we bonded loudly over a shared interest in backgammon.”

However, only three graced the stage at their Hart House show, displaying versatility in music genres - from giddy-pop to metal-punk. Bassist, Andy, a U of T English major, explains where the band members find their common musical ground. “We played a cover of White Stain once on tour, and otherwise we play what we feel.”

Their melodies, coupled with Henri’s clever lyrics, also manage to hit the funny-bone. Fabergé weaves together well-thought out verses that leave the audience cracking up.

Henri Fabergé and The Adorables venture onward to Kingston for a February 13 show.

As for an upcoming album, Fabergé suggests something delightful. “The Fountain of Mouth, an archival institute charged with the documentation of Henri Fabergé's output over the years, will release its findings in February.” Until then, you can check them out at

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  • Subtitle: Elusive Indie band rocks Arbor Room
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