Photo Credits: DAILY VICE

If you’ve been on your phone at all this month, you've been on Pokémon Go. The game was officially released in Canada on July 18, and since then, people have been coming up with amazing new ways to make the most of the game.

Most of this activity is happening on the PokémonGOToronto subreddit. U of T student Angelo Gio Mateo is one of the subreddit’s six moderators, and he’s been watching these projects start up and fizzle out daily since the game’s release—most significantly, an open-source map of early sightings.

But where the maps falls short, apps pick up the slack. An app called Pokélocate (complete with a support site), uses data from the actual Niantic servers to show users nearby Pokemon, and yes, it even lets you filter out Drowzees.

“The map was hard to maintain because people online kept deleting it,” said Mateo. “But while it lasted, it showed how Pokémon Go has lead to collaboration and real life social interaction that, perhaps, the developers didn't expect. Also, dank memes.”

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