We search, spy, meet, chat, caress, fuck, leave; then find someone new to repeat the cycle with. Sometimes we actually fall in love. Quickly and without warning, mutual infatuation will effectively jolt the aforementioned rhythm and make every encounter afterwards a meaningful one. While our relationships now mimic our changing interaction with the world around us, explicitly stated consent by both parties and at every point is unwavering and the only lens through which the following list is understood. With over half a decade behind us, the following is a chronicle of the albums from the 2010s that necessitate your company the next time you decide to get down, whatever circumstances may be. Whether it is with a new partner, a primary partner, a friend, a threesome, a foursome, a lover, a fling, a dom, a sub, or a monogamous partner, we have tunes for you too.

New hookup

Whether you met at a party or on Tinder, few things are as terrifying and exhilarating as the inaugural encounter with a familiar stranger. With all the moments that lead up to a new hook up, from the staggered text responses and cautiously wandering fingers to steamy make-outs in awkward places, sometimes it's necessary to let some mechanically sexy albums help the process along. These are releases that guide with a firm leading hand and a slap on the ass to get you going. Dense synth production, explicit intentions, and vocalic intonation for every level of lust. Imagined chemistry aside, this is the only the type of catalyst needed.

-Pull My Hair Back by Jessy Lanza (2012)

- Malibu by Anderson .Paak (2016)

-EP 2 by FKA twigs (2013)

-Kill for Love by Chromatics (2012)

-Hyperdub Compilation 10.2 by Various Artists (2014)

-S/T by Sepalcure (2011)

Adorably sweet

Depending on which side of it you’re on, couples who revel in their sickeningly sweet adorable mush fests will either melt your heart or turn your stomach. For those who decide to perpetually bask in their young love (regardless of their actual age), here are delicately ascending melodies and lyrics so sincere they can alter even the coldest of dead hearts. These albums document all the moments it took to get there.


-Two Dancers by Wild Beasts (2009)

-Teen Dream by Beach House (2010)

-Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter (2010)

-Broken Dreams Club EP by Girls (2010)

-Night Falls Over Kortedala by Jens Lekman (2007)

-Feel Good by The Internet (2013)

Kinky and hot

Sometimes you have nights that last for a single moment, often never to be unearthed again. As both parties recognize the sparsity of time (or subsequent insensitivity) of these moments, they’re understood to be sweaty, grimy, hilarious fits of lust. These albums can keep up with your pace or create some stamina to keep you going. From unapologetic rap to 140 b.p.m. footwork, do what you want—these artists will never judge. Things get stuck in unusual places, specific furniture crumbles under the heat, and you may have a mess to tidy up in the morning.

-Double Cup by DJ Rashad (2013)

-Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus (2010)

-Eye Contact by Gang Gang Dance (2011)

-Old (B-side) by Danny Brown (2013)

- Live.Love.A$AP by A$AP Rocky (2011)

-Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First by Father (2015)


Hot wax on your back, a blindfold to obstruct your sight, whips when you’re being bad and perhaps a feather duster if you’re being good; deeply erotic encounters need sounds with an identical temperament. On these albums, suffocating levels of atmospheric density and massive, dissonant swells request your submission. Fragmented, whispered vocals rub against your skin like sandpaper while tiny, instrumental shifts intentionally disrupt entire tracks. Are you ready?

-The Seer by Swans (2012)

-Heterocetera by Lotic (2015)

-Book of Delusions by Burial Hex (2012)

-Badlands by Dirty Beaches (2011)

-Exmilitary by Death Grips (2011)

-Slow Focus by Fuck Buttons (2013)

-Adhesive by Container (2014)

The author would like to thank Rebecca Kiss for her insight into this piece.
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