Image Courtesy of Lucas Finkeldey

The band Joseph performed songs from their latest album, I’m Alone, No You’re Not (2016), at the Great Hall in Toronto on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The late weeknight show was their only Canadian stop on their North American tour. The band is comprised of three sisters, Natalie, Meegan, and Allison Closner—the latter of whom accidentally sported a Canadian tuxedo. Don’t be fooled though, as the band members have quickly proven themselves to be more than the traditional family music group like The Osmonds and the more mainstream sisterly duo Tegan and Sara.

The sisters’ ability to complement and augment each other’s voices gives the listener the illusion that they are listening to sacred hymns as opposed to folkloric pop songs. Jonathan Frahm of Popmatters argues that the band’s harmonies remain “decisively on point,” which was upheld when Allison began to sing the opening lyrics to “Honest,” the single wherein the album gets its name from. Furthermore, Allison and Meegan’s slow and sensual stage presence, reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, contrasted to Natalie’s aggressive and rapturous performative style.

Yet, what is more impressive is the band’s seamless transcendence from folk to pop ballads, and then the crowd’s reactions to the songs. Despite the fact that “White Flag” did not elicit the same ecstatic reaction as “Sweet Dreams” and “Whirlwind,” Joseph ensured that their audience members remained entertained throughout the intimate performance with Natalie taking on the role of drummer, main guitarist and soloist due to unforeseen circumstances with their drummer at the border. Indeed, Joseph’s live performance of I’m Alone, No You’re Not (2016) was undeniable proof of the siblings’ talent and of what is yet to come.


Image Courtesy of Lucas Finkeldey

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