Photo Credits: Brock Scott

The Smiling Buddha is one of my all-time favourite venues in the city—loud music, candlelight mixed with neon, and great drinks. This was the perfect setting for Atlanta-based band OMNI and their opening acts Luggage, Tough Age, and Fresh Snow.

OMNI consists of Frankie Broyles (guitar), Philip Frobos (bass/vocals), and Billy Mitchell (drums). Broyles is an ex-member of the well-known alternative band Deerhunter (which if you have not heard, you need to listen to), and the other two are former members of garage-rock band Carnivores. OMNI has just recently released their debut LP Deluxe (2016), which contains famous singles such as “Afterlife,” “Wire,” and “Wednesday Wedding.”

After listening to a long night of openers, my ears were ringing and my eyes were tired. I was ready to go home for a good night’s rest. However, within the first strum of their guitar, I was instantly hooked on OMNI. Compared to the heavier garage-rock sounds of the openers, OMNI was refreshingly clear and light. The large crowd cheered on the three members throughout their set as they played some poppy guitar riffs and sang chill vocals. At the end of their set, OMNI performed a cover of an Alice Cooper song.

In comparison to their album, OMNI’s sound carried a much larger impact live. Their album sounds a lot like lo-fi Deerhunter, and even though I love that band, it takes away from OMNI having a unique sound. Live, this three-piece is cleaner and distinct from the members’ former bands, overall eliminating their generic tone and making a lasting impression. Their sound is crisp, catchy, and dance-inducing. 

OMNI is newer in the music scene, but I would keep an eye out for them. Their album is decent, but their shows are much better. 

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