Image Courtesy of Russell Canceran

The notoriously intimate Drake Underground was the setting of choice for indie-pop duo SALES to swoon the Toronto crowd. Hailing from Orlando, the duo consists of members Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. The duo’s seamless mix of guitar, vocals and sampling have garnered much acclaim from notable music blogs such as Pigeons & Planes, Stereogum and Hype Machine. Coming off the release of their highly anticipated debut album, SALES LP (2016), the crowd eagerly waited to be taken in by the band’s mellow and soothing sound. 

Prior to the start of the set, the duo thanked the crowd for coming out and introduced their new drummer, Joy. One of the defining characteristics of the band’s performances is the banter between Lauren and Jordan, who create an inviting atmosphere for audience members. The band started their set off with the second song in their acclaimed SALES EP, “Vow.” The dual guitars and the ease of the drums played well off of Lauren’s cooing vocals and set the mood for the rest of the night. The band played new material off their recent LP, with tracks such as “Ivy,” “Over,” and “Thurs 6-25,” which got the crowd swaying and vibing out. The crowd got especially stoked for notable tracks such as “Getting It On” and “Chinese New Year.” To add to the night, Lauren performed a spot-on T-Pain impression between songs that played perfectly into the carefree and mellow mood set by the band. To end the night, the band played their dreamy, guitar riff-filled track “Jamz,” which left the audience in a satisfied daze.

SALES did not disappoint and delivered a performance that allows one to easily understand the hype and acclaim that surrounds them. The duo continue their Fall North American Tour until late November, and hopefully it is not too long until they release more tracks.


Image Courtesy of Russell Canceran 
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