Photo Credits: Chantel Ouellet

Last night was the highly anticipated comeback concert for Toronto duo The Darcys, who have been relatively quiet since 2014. Currently composed of founding members Jason Couse and Wes Marskell, they released a brand new single called “Miracle” on April 22. This marked a completely different sound for the duo, as they left their alt-rock roots for a more pop-centric sound. The concert was held at The Mod Club and was hosted as a part of Red Bull’s Sound Select series.

Things started out pretty slow, with opening act DCF coming on at around 10 p.m., which was two hours after the doors had opened. The Toronto-based pop musician had a wonderful stage presence, and his ability to interact with the crowd helped to get them amped. The majority of the songs he played were off his 2015 EP Pop Songs, but he wasn’t shy about treating the fans. He played an extended ending on his song “Jealous/Happy Child” and threw in a “little exclusive” cover of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” Not many audience members were familiar with him, but if you looked carefully you could see a few people scattered throughout the audience singing at the top of their lungs and dancing along.

The Darcys came on just after 11 p.m. to a completely packed venue. They started out by playing mostly their new music, which the crowd loved, and going absolutely wild for “Miracle.” The band acknowledged their change in sound and the fact that it was a comeback concert when they said, “I know it’s really self-indulgent for a band that’s been away for a while to play only their new stuff.” However, their new music was wonderful and well received by the audience. It was the most dancing I’ve seen at a concert in a while! The band seemed happier playing their new music—they danced around more, and the audience was totally feeding off their vibes.

The times that the band did play older songs, it seemed like a halt in their performance. The band described their new songs as “oceanic in flavour,” while referring to their old music as “some freshwater.”

Regardless, they were funny throughout. At one point, they noted that due to their swag being handed out at the door, this had “to be the highest concentration of fanny packs in a room since 1996.” For their last song, they decided to “slow it down, cool it down a bit so [that] no one [got] heatstroke.” When they returned to the stage for an impromptu encore, they disclaimed, “Okay, we are not supposed to do this, we told everyone we weren’t gonna do this, we aren’t supposed to do this…. This is not rehearsed.” Then they played a song they went on to claim would be on their upcoming album.

All in all, The Darcys absolutely killed it on their new material, but their older songs fell flat. With that being said, their upcoming album is to be highly anticipated, because if it captures the neon energy pumping in that room last night, it’s sure to be a hit!

Check out their single “Miracle” below.


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