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The Elwins, a four-piece indie band hailing from Keswick, Ontario, hosted a wonderful homecoming party at Adelaide Hall last Friday. Their openers reflected their constant support for local bands by featuring fellow Ontarians The Kents and The Nursery.

The day of the concert, the doors were pushed to open at 8 p.m. and the set times were pushed back as well. This was only posted on Facebook at around 6 p.m., which led to some confusion and a long wait time prior to the opening acts. The first act that went on was The Nursery, with their self-described “existential sing-songs, candy and gloom.” They combined edgy synths with classic Indie-sounding vocals. Their sound was reminiscent of if MGMT met The Strokes. A highlight was when they covered “I Melt With You” by Modern English.

The Kents came on shortly after with their infectious brand of indie-rock. The first thing that stands out about The Kents is their charismatic stage presence. They reached out to the crowd and engaged with them all throughout their set, creating an intimate concert experience. They played an array of songs off their EP Waking (2016). Leading into one song, lead vocalist Warren Frank shared an anecdote about how he and bassist Luke Schauf met while working at a Loblaws deli counter in Lindsay. Their supervisor from that Loblaws, Caroline, was at the show so even though the song “Caroline” isn’t about her, they dedicated it to her.

The Elwins came on to a packed and cheering crowd. They stuck to fan favourites for the majority of their homecoming show. They were celebrating just coming off a fall tour with Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians. They played their 2012 hit “Stuck in the Middle,” off their EP And I Thank You (2012). However, a good portion of the songs played were off their album Play For Keeps (2015), including the single “Bubble” and the dance-inducing “Off The Wall.” Bassist Frankie Figliomeni traded places with lead singer Matthew Sweeney to try his hand at lead vocals for “Bringing Out The Shoulders.” They also tried out some new material including another song whose exact title I missed but sounded like something along the lines of “What Do You Want To Do.” It featured Frankie singing lead vocals again. Their new material sounded promising and had fans whispering in hopes of a new album.

With Matthew Sweeney returning to lead vocals, he asked the crowd if they would assist him in singing an undisclosed cover. “That a verbal contract,” he explained. “ I don’t even want to talk about the penalties.” They then launched into an indie rock (emphasis on the rock) cover of Adele’s “Hello” off her album 25 (2015).

Unfortunately, we had to leave the venue before DCF came on to spin for the show’s official after party. Regardless, The Elwins put on a killer show and we are hoping, fingers crossed, that now that they are home they will be able to work to put out a new album featuring the new songs we got a taste of. It’s about time.


Check out some photos from the show below.





elwins_img_2.jpeg All Images Courtesy of Chantel Ouellet

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