He’s probably the sweetest man you’ll ever meet, literally. He’s made of 30 pounds of milk chocolate.

“TAKE ME,” an art installation by OCAD student Jade Stefania Reyes Guerrero, is a life-sized, fully edible chocolate statue of a man lying on a table for everyone to eat and enjoy. While the concept may be silly and whimsical, Guerrero uses her art piece to comment on our treatment of the commercialized and objectified human body.

Note: this interview has been edited and condensed.

the newspaper: What is “TAKE ME?”

Guerrero: It is an edible chocolate sculpture that I make. It's the second time that I will be making it. I made [the sculpture] out of chocolate so that people can enjoy it as well as [agree] to devour this objectification of the body.

tn:. Why did you first come up with this idea?

G: You know those platters of women who agree to put sushi on their body, where the more sushi you eat, the more you see? I thought it was sad, the way that women agree to be used as objects. But as a straight woman I wanted to make something similar. Instead, though, the sculpture will disappear as you eat it instead of revealing more and more, and in that regard I am trying to [bring] a little bit of awareness [to the] objectification of the body.

This was partly inspired by another work by Janine Antoni called “Lick and Lather,” which is a bust cast of herself where she ate her own chocolate-casted face until it disappeared and then washed herself with [a soap bust of] herself. I thought that was a very romantic, ... very different piece of artwork, and I just wanted to try [and see] what my capabilities were about [being able to make] a man.

tn: What kind of chocolate is the man made out of?

G: I've decided to make it out of milk chocolate, which I think is the safest, or the one that most people would like because it's commercial. Every single bar of chocolate is based on milk chocolate. You don't wanna go for dark or white ‘cause it's a bit risky.

tn: What's the most fun thing about making a chocolate man?

G: I enjoyed spending time with my friend who agreed to let me cast his body, I learned a lot from making the mold. But I also enjoyed seeing the reactions of people while they couldn't believe that in front of their eyes is a real cast of chocolate and that they are welcome to have some, watching how it disappears slowly, which lets me think that they're aware that they're [performing an act of] cannibalism through it.

But I guess what I really enjoy the most is the fact that people come together. Also, when it's gone, that I don't need to think about where I have to store this sculpture or make someone take it—it's more about the experience and the awareness and the enjoyment of the community.

tn: How would you suggest we eat a chocolate man?

G: Break a leg! Literally, just break a piece and have some.

“Take Me” is an installation at Room 187 at OCAD University, available on Thursday, March 17 after 4 p.m.

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