We’ve all had those lectures during which your brain is slowly melting inside your head and you just cannot focus on the words you’re supposed to be eagerly absorbing. When even Candy Crush and 1010 can amuse you no more, and even your normal sites are providing no entertainment, here are a few ideas to amuse you and aid you in wasting some time in lecture.

Note: These are not at all helpful nor encouraging towards your productivity, and are not recommended if you’re looking to absorb any worthwhile information whatsoever.

  1. Count how many redheads are in your class

  2. Eavesdrop on a conversation

  3. Find someone wearing a very unusual color (i.e., fluorescent orange)

  4. Stare at the professor without blinking for as long as you can

  5. (Expert Level: Sit in the first three rows while doing this)

  6. See how loudly you can hum a One Direction song without being caught

  7. Add up all the numbers within your line of sight

  8. Attempt to twist your head like in The Exorcist

  9. Play matchmaker and pair up other students

  10. Read all the graffiti on your desk

  11. Try to guess how many pieces of gum are stuck to the bottom of your chair

  12. Become immediately disgusted by that thought for a couple of minutes

  13. Calculate how many other fun things you could be doing during this time

  14. Count the laptops in the room

  15. Count how many people aren’t writing or typing at all

  16. See how long you can glare at a stranger without them noticing

  17. (Expert Level: Do this to someone on either side of you)

  18. Plan an escape route in the case of a zombie apocalypse

  19. Figure out who you could outrun in the case of a zombie apocalypse

  20. Try to lick your elbow

  21. Guess how many pens will be left behind at the end of class

  22. For extra fun, stay afterwards to see how accurate your guess was*

  23. Browse Reddit 50/50 (Note: this is very risky)

  24. Draw your favourite meme

  25. Make a paper airplane and set a target for yourself (i.e., a pompom on a hat)

  26. Calculate if you could survive if you jumped out the window

  27. If no windows, calculate how long it would take you to make one using only things in the classroom

  28. Imagine your professor has just been elected to be President

  29. Imagine what would happen if you were elected to be President

  30. Create a sick beat on the back of a chair

  31. (Expert Level: Someone is sitting in the chair)

  32. Find a word your lecturer says often, and keep a tally of how often they say it

  33. Guess how quickly you could touch every chair in the classroom

  34. Find someone attractive and imagine running away together

  35. Find someone you know in class who is listening, and try to distract them

  36. (Expert Level: Your friend is across the classroom, no phone allowed)

  37. Try to guess the future careers of the people on either side of you

  38. Realize you haven’t heard a word in twenty minutes and wonder about your own career

  39. Rationalize the career path of becoming a stripper

  40. Look up how much a stripper makes in your hometown, or try to guess  

  41. Play a game of ‘Bed, Wed, Behead’ with yourself using classmates

  42. (Alternatively, use the people/images on the PowerPoint)

  43. Practice writing with your non-dominant hand

  44. Invent an imaginary friend

  45. Try to think of all the ways James Bond might enter the room

  46. Find someone way over or underdressed for the weather

  47. Read The Varsity or other school newspapers (we’d recommend the newspaper)

  48. Plan your escape if a pack of ravenous wolves came through the front doors

  49. Try to recall the strangest word you’ve ever heard

  50. See how many American states you can name without cheating

  51. Calculate how many minutes have passed since you started distracting yourself

*Author’s note: I’ve done this and it’s way higher than you’d expect in some cases.

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