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A lot of things come to mind when I think of the University of Toronto: Innovation. Academia. Prestige. Sex. 



Okay, admittedly that might not be something that immediately comes to mind. All the same, many of us make our first forays into sexual activity at university. We experiment, we network, we learn—it’s all very academic. Plus, we’re blessed to have access to a lot of vital services that can give us young folks the preparation and education we need to make smart choices with our bodies. For example, there’s the Sexual Education Centre at 21 Sussex Ave., where you can get safe sex supplies (condoms, dental dams, lube, etc.) for free. Whether you’re the adventurous type or just really don’t want to do your homework, they’ve got you covered.

Now, obviously the ideal place to hook up would be in, you know, a private bedroom. But for those of us that commute, or share dorms, or just don’t want to, that’s not really an option. But U of T is a beautiful campus, and as our rigorous social research has revealed, it has a lot of functional multi-use space.

Dear reader, in the spirit of charity and community, we went out into the field, we spoke to students, and we found some of the best (and … less-than-best) hookup spots on campus for those who want to be “boundless” and make full use of their tuition dollars.


1 Library Learning Spaces

From the Gerstein Journal Stacks to the Graham Library Study Room—“We booked it to actually study”—our school’s network of 42 libraries offers just the right atmosphere for those who want to bury their noses in books or, uh, elsewhere.

2 Common Rooms

Whether it’s the Lower Burwash Bowles-Gandier Common Room or the UC Junior Common Room—“God bless those big leather sofas”—there’s nothing quite like the comfort of unwinding with peers in a shared community space.

3 Empty Classrooms

Honestly, who among us hasn’t been walked in on while making out on the East Hall walk-up seating gallery? Who among us hasn’t wandered the basement of University College—“Found a room with the comfiest chairs, and it turned out to be room #69”—on a brisk weekend afternoon? Who among us hasn’t dipped into an empty classroom in Bahen Centre—“I definitely got rug burn on my lower back”—and fully enjoyed the superlative funding share of the Computer Science Department? 

Image-12.jpg4 Empty Stairwells

Though not really recommended for a variety of self-evident reasons, stairwells will do in a pinch. Whether your stairwell of choice is in Bahen Centre—“About as unromantic as it sounds”—or any part of the confusing web of stairs at University College, it’s generally advised that stairwell activities stay relatively light and brief.

5 The Great Outdoors

U of T’s St. George campus is rich in green spaces. Just before mowing, the grass in the UC Quad can have a wonderful cushiony quality, and Philosopher’s Walk—“My only spur of the moment on campus was a week after frosh in Philosopher’s Walk”—has some lovely shallow slopes to sit back and relax on.


6 Basement Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Innis and University College—“they actually consulted with an architect to redesign male bathrooms in UC because cruising was so rampant”—are intuitive options. There’s also room to be found in bathrooms at the Earth Sciences Building, or Graham Library if you weren’t able to book a study room. 

7 Straight Up Nonsense Spots

Whether you’re keeping it vanilla or decide to scale some buildings—“I know one guy and I climbed up the side of a building on Trin’s campus and sat on the ledge”—always remember to use protection … like a safety harness, perhaps.

8 the newspaper Office

Actually … don’t.

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