Marie Chouinard’s choreography is unnerving because even in the world of dance, people feel there needs to be control. She debunks this completely.

Chouinard is not afraid of what makes others uneasy. She’s not afraid to push the limits of the human body and truly explore what humans are capable of. The erratic displays she creates can be uncomfortable for the viewer. The human body is physically capable of so much, yet we so rarely explore these options.

Chouinard reveres the entire body and its functions. One of her more controversial acts was when she created a performance in which a female drank water and then peed in a bucket. Many considered this a shock value piece, disregarding it as real art, but she argued that even urination was art. How essential is even pissing to the grand machine that is our body? Her Glen Gould Variations tour experimented with ideas associated with disability and in a way seems to mourn their inability to fully experience the miracle of the human body, but also shows it as an art and beauty in itself, finding new ways for the human form to function and move.

The way she manipulates her dancers and the way they use their bodies is done in such a way that eliminates gender roles, societal norms, and essentially removes all we are comfortable with. There are no restrictions to what her dancers are allowed to do, nothing that is not seen as beautiful in her eyes.

Start the video from 17:40 because it's weird and wonderful

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  • Subtitle: The work of Marie Chouinard
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