Strange & Beautiful Zine

Strange & Beautiful Zine is seeking submissions highlighting the work of LGBTQ+ persons and celebrating Halloween. Submit your comics, short stories and poetry with a Halloween theme. Artists are welcome to use pen names, and all contributors will receive a copy. Email submissions and any questions to Deadline Oct. 15.

The Grimoire

The Grimoire is seeking submissions of art, poetry, prose, lists, open letters, comics, rants, photos, etc. Any 2D artform that shows up well in black and white. Themes for this submission are “Sex. Blood. Fire.” Submit artwork to Deadline Oct. 20.


Mag Breadcrumbs Mag is a literary and art blog that publishes bi-weekly and is always seeking submissions of 500 word to 1,500 word microfictions, poetry, visual art, music, spoken word and film. Each submission is inspired by an image, object or phrase in a preceding piece and links back to it, providing a trail of inspiration. Submit to submissions@ There is no deadline, as submissions are ongoing.

Peculiar Mormyrid

Peculiar Mormyrid is seeking submissions that explore the theme of “Surrealism and the Sea / Marine Communism.” Submissions can be in any form: thought fragments, automatic ramblings, marvelously disturbing imagery, nonsensical utterances, upsetting sentences, grotesque scribblings, and unsettling desires. Submit to PeculiarMormyrid@ Deadline Oct. 31.

SVLLY(wood) magazine

SVLLY(wood) magazine is seeking pitches for its first official issue, The Feminine Mystique Redux, focusing on how women navigate the genre of horror, specifically through the prism of neurosis, particularly emphasizing women and queer writers. Pitches of 300 words are being accepted at with the subject “Pitch: The Feminine Mystique Redux.” Please submit pitches along with two writing samples. Pitch deadline is Sept. 24, and last call for submissions is Sept. 30.

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