Being rebellious and hip ain't just for the teens anymore. Being rebellious and hip ain't just for the teens anymore. Liaoning TV
Chinese people smoke a lot. Well, now not just the people are smoking, because there is a turtle in China which has been made famous because it smokes ten cigarettes a day.

There is a turtle in China that smokes.

The reptile’s owner told Liaoning TV that one day he had to do amateur surgery on the creature. He flipped his pet over to extricate a thorn from its underside, but it kept trying to bite him - naturally, it’s a snapping turtle. So to placate the creature he jammed a good ol’ fag in its maw. Now he can’t cram enough fags in there.

China is not only the largest consumer of cigarettes worldwide, but also the leading producer, reports. There are 350 million smokers in the country. Whether they all enjoy it is up for debate. Considering the blistering population and likelihood many of them have less-than-glamourous jobs, it is fair to assume a lot of it is stress deflection. As one astute commenter points out with some wit, everything in that country smokes: the citizens, the buildings, the cars. Everything is giving off exhaust of some kind, even monkeys have been caught smoking there before.

Monkeys, well, monkeys are smart and a lot like us. Without the tail, the general hairiness and posture, we even rather look alike. To be fair, many of us share their posture and hairy proclivity. But turtles?

I can’t wait to see the ad campaigns.

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