How do you like your Martini, shaken or stirred? Perhaps with a little school funding? Self cited as a religious organization, Trinity College’s James Bond Society club at U of T is primarily devoted to Bond,  James Bond. A typical event is a black tie affair with tuxes, dresses, movies and of course, martinis. Since the primary objective of the club is to celebrate Bond, and since martinis are an integral part of 007, the club can justify spending money on top notch drinks.

What other clubs would we like to see that justify alcohol use (and abuse)?

  1. The Group Therapy Club – Nothing takes your cares away better than a glass of gin.
  2. The John McEnroe Club – Alcohol is used to incite rage that would meet Angry John’s standards while playing on the court. Volley, smash, return, and if you aren’t yelling at someone, drink some more.
  3. The Future Pilot’s Club – Practice drinking and flying at the same time. When you’re a real pilot, these skills will be priceless.
  4. The Mel Gibson Club – Drink a couple of beers and be a racist.
  5. Depends’ Quality Control Club – Nothing tests the strength and durability of an adult diaper more than drinking lots of booze and pissing your pants.
  6. The St. Patrick’s Day-Everyday Club – Honour St. Patty all year round. Wear green clothes, dye your hair green, pretend you’re Irish and drink green beer.
  7. Alcohol Anonymous Club – Wear masks and get drunk.
  8. The Say-No-To-Drugs Club – Students who protest drug abuse and present drinking as a viable alternative.
  9. Recycle Beer Club Good environmentalists don’t let anything go to waste. Go around to parties and finish everyone’s leftovers, including the monkey piss.
  10. The Seduction Club – Learn the psychologies of your prospective lovers so all you need is the beer and not the drug. Perfect for students on a low budget.

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