Reactions to LGTBQ treatment in Russia
Few people would be surprised to hear that Russia is a terrible place to live for gay people. The past decade or so has resulted in a world with a colossal rift in attitudes concerning homosexuality and gender expression.

In North America, Western Europe, and Latin America there has been steady progress toward equality and civil rights for gays, lesbians, and transgender people. Even in Canada, however, there is still a long way to go.

On the other end of spectrum we have the not-so-gay-loving parts of the world: Sub-Saharan Africa, the Muslim nations, and of course Russia.

With the Sochi Olympics only six months away, many are already anticipating the many controversies, arrests, and clashes that are sure to take place. Russia’s laws are particularly severe. Unlike other countries that only criminalise same-sex sexual activity, Russia’s “propaganda laws” make it illegal for gay and lesbian people to publically organize at all, let alone push for any political gains.

Last year a law was passed to make gay pride parades illegal for a hundred years.

Author Dan Savage has now called for a global boycott on Russian vodka and other Russian goods. July 25 Wayla Bar in Toronto announced it will no longer be selling Russian vodka or brandy.

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  • Subtitle: Boycotts begin with Olympics around the corner
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