U of T professor Benjamin Levin was arrested earlier this month on seven counts of child pornography. As a prominent educationist and former Deputy Minister of Education between 2005 and 2009, his role in the writing of the new sex-ed curriculum for Ontario is under heavy scrutiny by religious and right wing groups.

The idea that a “radical” new sex-ed curriculum is being imposed on innocent children by a lesbian premier and a pedophilic professor is now being trumpeted across conservative media and lobby groups on the web. It has also been repeatedly emphasized, such as in a recent article by the Toronto Sun’s Christina Blizzard, that both Levin and Kathleen Wynne attended the Pride Parade together.

It’s bad timing for anyone with hopes of seeing a newly updated sex-ed curriculum in Ontario, the oldest in the country, unchanged since 1999. Anytime children and sexuality are brought up in the same sentence you know there is going to be a strong reaction.

The reality is that the landscape of sexuality is changing very quickly with the growth of the internet and with shifting global attitudes concerning sexual orientation and gender expression. Our curricula need to reflect and adapt to those changes.

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  • Subtitle: Right wing scrutinizes over writing of “disturbing” sex-ed curriculum

Editor's Note: The original version of this article used a Reuter's photograph, by Mark Blinch, of Liberal leaders Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau attending the 2013 Pride March. The previous image caption identified the man sitting beside Trudeau as Benjamin Levin. The Newspaper has since received a letter from Rev Brent Hawkes, the ministry of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto who organized the event, which states that the man we identified as Levin is actually a different person and a member of his congregation. We regret the misattribution.