Use soap
Use soap

Out on a lark, going into the bowels of U of T, looking for a story. Some people were already there -- and looking for a fight.

“How much do you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight!”, “I don’t want to die without a scar.”

In fact, I had stumbled onto “Brad Pitt” and “Edward Norton” punching each other in the claustrophobic concrete fluorescence that make up the third sublevel of the underground parking lot beneath the Rotman building. The grim scene is a perfect set.

This staging was the work of “Raindance on Campus”, a student film club. “We’re completely free, unlike Hart House. We self finance the club,” says Maria Guilia Salvia, the groups exec, while watching the filming and offering some camera direction. The club also hosts screenwriting writing competitions. The scene they are working on today is for an editing exercise, using David Fincher’s “Fight Club.”

They are a jovial group. Most of the crew today studies cinema studies, though they have a life science student amidst their ranks.

“The cinema studies program is great, but it’s very... theoretical. This group is all about giving us practical experience shooting.” says Maria Guilia.

Their set-up today features a feathery microphone, tripod, a light reflecting canvas, and a scene marker.

The biggest obstacle on set wasn’t overblown egos, but the disruption of other parking lot users getting in their cars and going home. “You’re car is warm, get out,” said one mildly annoyed auteur. They want to get shooting again. Suddenly, the garage ventilator goes on, loudly. Time to relocate. In another part of the garage now, empty and quiet, save for one guy obsessively waxing his car. He pays them no notice. Back to shooting.



“Hit me again.”

“No. You hit me.”


“How was that take? And when are we going to film the fight fight?”

The man in the corner continues to obsessively buff his car. Use soap. 


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