He was walking through Withrow Park on a sunny afternoon when he overheard two kid's talking to each other tree to tree.
Hey neighbor, yelled one kid to another, perched on the branch. Except for their voices their whole being was obscuredby foliage. Whtcha doin? Hey neighbor, the other kid replied I am watching the nature channel. Hey neighbor said the first kid again, wanna come over for dinner we have s couch.
Vulture. He was walking down Bain Avenue one day after work when a woman walked towards him. They were the only two people on the street. Before taking out her keys she said, I better move this thing before the vultures come and give me a ticket. Right he said, I just kept walking. He thought lady you are old but you're not yet a carcass. He putthe line in his pocket while his mind turned to Rob Ford. After the crack scandal he had addressed the media ans acalled them all maggots. Some clever journalist whom works with language and said the samaggots usual feed on dead flesh.

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