That Time I Went To Greece... Carissa Ainslie
I didn’t used to think myself an accidental person. That was until I went to Greece.
In an ideal stroke of luck, I happen to have a friend who has family that live in Athens with whom we could stay with. For two months. So off we went, I a sheltered traveler who had only been to the US and across Canada was more than anxious to “hop the pond”.

We had many adventures, traveled to islands, ate amazing food, drank amazing alcoholic beverage (too many at some points). But the thing that made the trip the most memorable was my two cortisone shots that I had to have administered to my gluteus maximus.

The first happened early in our trip. On a visit to the island of Santorini, I was attacked by some sort of unknown bug that left me with bites up and down my arms and back. This, combined with the vigorous application of a really high SPF caused them to get infected. This warranted a visit to the non-English speaking pharmacist who administered the shot into my bum.

The second incident happened a month later which involved the discovery that I was allergic to wasps. This perfectly timed event happened on the way to visit a family friend of the person I was staying with. After my stung finger began to swell, we figured it may be a good time to go see a pharmacist. That happened to be closing in 10 minutes. The only mode of transportation was a small two person truck driven by yet another non-English speaking gentleman. Long story short, because they were closing so soon and the pharmacist didn’t want to be too hasty in his diagnosis, he gave me a vile of cortisone and a needle to give myself if the swelling persisted or did not go down on its own.

So. After an hour, with the swelling increasing, I found myself with my best friend, in the bathroom of her father’s café receiving another shot in the ass. These events, plus a really bad case of shoe rubbing that left my feet bloody, gave me a reputation amongst my friend’s family. I was “that girl”. The one with bad luck that doesn’t speak Greek.

As terrible as these events sound, they actually made the trip way more interesting and fun to tell people about. “That time in Greece when I got stabbed in the bum, twice”.

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