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While it is unfortunate that Toronto has yet to be graced with a cat cafe, there are many other alternative coffee shops that will provide you with a much needed break from the madness of March studying.

The crafty: Knit Cafe

The Knit Cafe is a yarn shop-coffee shop hybrid, home to everything crafty. With its large communal table, it’s a great place chat with friends over tea and knitting needles. Workshops are held often and Tuesday evening is social night!

1050 Queen St W.

The competitive: Snakes & Lattes

There’s nothing like playing a heated game of Jungle Speed to release your stress. Snakes & Lattes has an unbelievable selection of games, as well as yummy drinks and snacks. And if you really feel like procrastinating, go get drunk at their sister operation, Snakes & Lagers.

600 Bloor St W.

The active: Academy of Lions

Academy of Lions is part CrossFit gym and part activewear clothing store, with a trendy paleo cafe inside. While membership is a little steep for students, they offer a free class every Sunday at noon. What’s more productive than working off that soy latte before you even drink it?

64 Ossington Ave.

The creative: Cafe AGO

When you’re overwhelmed with midterms and final essays, sometimes the best way to clear your head is to find inspiration in art. Cafe AGO is set on the art gallery’s airy and bright second floor with a great view of the city. Browse the exhibits and then settle in the cafe for a well deserved break from schoolwork.

317 Dundas St W.

The social: Saving Gigis

This eclectic cafe is inviting and homey, complete with a constant vinyl rotation and delicious homemade food. The best part, however, may be the patrons themselves. With such a friendly environment, this is a great place to begin reading a book and end up immersed in conversation with a stranger.

859 Bloor St W.

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