It is a difficult thing, to know what you want. Want to eat, want to wear, want to be. The latter, a question posed by the masses, “what do you want to be” is something people struggle with their whole lives.

At what point do people really become what they “want to be”? Will we ever really be fulfilled? For some, yes. They are content to settle or are lucky enough to have found their niche early. But what about the rest of us? The ones who change our minds as often as the weather; the ones who want to try new careers like one tries on new pants. How will we know what works unless we try?

Then comes the question of time. Do we have time to be indecisive? One must have their life figured out by a certain age, don’t you know. We all want that life. The one where we have something to contribute or a way to make an income. What we want to fill our time may differ: kids, pets, a house, travel etc. depends on the individual.

But figuring out “what do you want to be” is the biggest decision one will ever face; the hardest, the most regretted. What we want to be cannot be answered by anyone but ourselves. And for some, it is an open ended question.

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