EFUT May Just Get Its Joyeux Noel


By: Tom Bugajski

The highly popular EFUT club rocks around the Christmas tree at its annual halal Christmas dinner.

The highly popular EFUT club rocks around the Christmas tree at its annual halal Christmas dinner.

Salah Abdelhadi

EFUT’s funding issues are being resolved this week, as the UTSU Board of Directors meets Thursday, December 3, to review the French Club’s funding request.

Funding for the club has been held up over its application, which omitted required information. Concerns were raised by the club over confidentiality issues, especially about the policy that clubs provide the UTSU with the names, student numbers, and email addresses of its members.

Antonin Mongeau, EFUT Alumni Chair and last year’s President, says UTSU’s decision to reject the club’s original application was not legitimate. Mongeau, who has had disputes with UTSU in the past, stated his involvement with the club might have been a reason that the original application was rejected.

“Either the UTSU is discriminating against a minority language community, or it is exercising political revenge on me personally by attacking EFUT for my connection to it,” Mongeau says.

Danielle Sandhu, UTSU VP Campus Life, rejects Mongeau’s accusations, and says that the funding problems were caused by an incomplete application, not revenge. “All rules are applied across the board to all clubs,” She added.

Sandhu managed to assure Sitelle Cheskey, EFUT president, that strict privacy policies will protect student information. EFUT has since complied with the UTSU’s requirements.

Sandhu then called a meeting this past Monday to address the issue. On Wednesday it was agreed to bring the budgeting subject in front of the Board of Directors, and the matter now appears to be heading towards a resolution.

As for the club’s Christmas party, there is still hope it can be held in December. Cheskey will be meeting with EFUT’s executives to see if it can be held before the holidays.

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