Green Movement Heats Up!



Green movement heats up!

Glenn Macintosh

The U of T green movement is gaining momentum in anticipation of next week’s UN climate change talks in Copenhagen.

Students from the Climate Crew Monday campaign stripped off their clothes in Sid Smith while chanting “Ooh, it’s hot in here, there’s too much carbon in the atmosphere.”

“The Global Carbon Project just released a report saying that six degrees of warming is now likely without urgent action,” said organizer Joanna Dafoe. “I was so disheartened by that news and the lack of action in my campus community when I know this is an important political crisis, that I wanted to create a fun event that would capture people’s attention.”

Twelve U of T student delegates are headed to Copenhagen to pressure the government to lower emissions. “We will be there to let the world know that Stephen Harper’s Conservative government does not reflect the views of the Canadian people or even the House of Parliament,” said climate activist Brett Rhyno. “I’m optimistic that a deal can be reached if world leaders can muster the political will to cooperate with each other and act in the interest of all the world’s people rather than a select few.”

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