By: Martín Waldman

Photo by Helene Goderis

Photo by Helene Goderis

Helene Goderis

Harbord Street’s Pizza Gigi, a long-time favourite of U of T students and locals fond of old-school slices, shut down abruptly this week after police discovered over $1 million worth of marijuana and other drugs in the popular pizza parlour.

Police executed a search warrant at 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning, and found an enormous stash of weed, as well as smaller amounts of Oxycontin, Oxycocet, ecstasy, crack cocaine, and $8,000 in cash.

Pizza Gigi’s owner, 57 year-old Salvatore Crimi is alleged to have sold pot over the counter to regulars, which included students from Central Technical School directly across the street, as well as U of T students at St. George campus.

According to Special Constable Tony Vella, police had been tipped off by concerned locals. “We had been receiving a lot of community complaints from people who were already aware of this. They contacted 14 Division, and we began an investigation.” There were also several eyewitness reports of suspicious behaviour, such as customers entering Pizza Gigi and leaving shortly thereafter with no pizza or drink.

Crimi appeared in court at Old City Hall on Monday morning, charged with 15 separate offences related to drug possession and trafficking.

Constable Vella also stressed the role of local residents in keeping the city safe. “We urge people who have any concerns about what’s happening in their neighbourhood to contact their local police division.”

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