Raise the Roof


By: Suzie Balabuch

Illustration by Stephanie Kervin

Illustration by Stephanie Kervin

Stephanie Kervin

On Friday, March 4th, U of T’s George Ignatieff Theatre will come alive for U of T: Talent Explosion! 2011. A joint effort by some of the university’s most actively humanitarian groups and clubs, the event promises to be exciting and fulfilling, as every dollar raised will go toward UofT’s Habitat for Humanity Campaign and Habitat Haiti, the group’s project in the rebuilding of the earthquake-ravaged nation. A Toronto family will be matching the amount of money raised, dollar for dollar, making Talent Explosion a truly community-based event.

The event’s organizers, Habitat for Humanity @ UofT, Eyes of Hope, the Arab Student Association and Take Action! held auditions last month and have come up with a bevy of performers, all students at U of T. Philip Chen, Co-President of Take Action!, has high hopes for the night. “There are so many exciting acts. We have a jazz improv solo and a top-notch pianist playing a contemporary piece. We also have a singer, guitarist and cultural dance. Finally, we have an unique act that includes unicycles and music.”

Jake Reynolds, the night’s guitarist/vocalist, is excited to be a part of Talent Explosion. “It’s a really great opportunity to be perform with such talented people, and all for a great cause.”

The event’s hosts will also be providing exciting add-ons to the night’s festivities. Raffle prizes for various local Toronto eateries are among the prizes to be claimed, and the night’s competitors will be vying for cash-prizes.

Still, the focus remains on bringing awareness to a very important cause. Chen says, “I hope the audience feels that watched some of the best talents at UofT and understand more about Habitat and our Habitat for Humanity project.”

Tickets are $10 at the door at the George Ignatieff Theatre, 1 Devonshire Place, or at Robarts and Bahen (SF caf) on Thursday and Friday, between 11-4 and 11-2, for $7. Tickets can also be bought online at www.uofttalentexplosion.eventbrite.com. For more information, visit http://eyesofhope.skule.ca/habitat/.

This article was originally published on our old website at https://thenewspaper.ca/the-inside/raise-the-roof/.