Holographic Awesomeness


By: Suzie Balabuch

Holographic Awesomeness

MTV Canada’s sharply funny pop culture/news show MTV Live is putting on three 3D formatted shows from March 14-17. Featuring the always hilarious Daryn Jones, Nicole Holness, Paul Lemieux and Sheena Snively, the series promises to be crazy funny in its 3D incarnation.

Paul “The Intern” Lemieux will be donning his thespian hat in a special Shakesperean soliloquy, and Sheena Snively will give the audience what they want with a step by step fitness routine, all in 3D. The show will also celebrate MTV’s Jersey Shore, a show that makes this editor seriously doubt humanity. What better way to showcase the show’s repulsiveness than with a guido vs. guidette brawl?

Retro 3D glasses are available in locations all around Toronto (check www.mtv.ca/livein3D). The hosts will also be teaching viewers how to actually make their own pair, so make sure to tune in all of this week, until Thursday, March 17.

Tell me how you came up with the 3D idea. Was it a group effort?

We were all sitting around, trying to come up with a fun thing to do over March Break. We were goofing around how every movie that’s come out in the last year and a half has been 3D, and 3D TVs are out and all that. We were talking about the idea of doing an episode in 3D, and we looked into it, and turns out you can use the old school, red-and-blue glasses technology, pretty easy. So once we figured out we could do it, we thought, “Let’s make it a whole week,” and lo and behold, everyone jumped on board at CTV, and here we are.

How do you think this will make the show even better?

[Laughs] “Better” is a subjective word. It’ll be different, I don’t know if it’ll be better. Our Thursday episode right after Jersey Shore is the only one this week that’s entirely 3D. So from top to tail, right when we start opening graphics, all of our live stuff is all 3D. I’ve never seen that before. So it’ll be better in that we’re attempting to do something.

What does Sheena have in store for us this week? Will the 3D factor add to the crazy, or detract from it?

Tomorrow she’s break dancing. Thursday, she’s doing a workout video. All 3D. So, if you need to get a work-out in, and you want it done in a minute in a half, and also in 3D, you’ll definitely want to check that out.

What’s been the most fun part of this whole process?

Trying to figure out if we an actually pull it off, and putting our existing bits in the 3D format. So, on Thursday we’re going to 3D Freestyle Ambush, that’s where we improv rap about whatever. It’s been the most fun just trying to explore the concept of 3D.

If you had to choose just one person on the show to see naked in 3D, who would it be and why?

Ok, I gotta think about this… I feel like you already get to see Sheena more or less in 3D on the show. I’m gonna go Paul, because he’s got a third nipple, and I figure in 3D that could really pop out and have quite an effect.

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