By: Yukon Damov

One thing I know about His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis: he has a keen sense of timing.

Had he entered the world a day later, he would have been born on National Hotdog Day. While the Brits might have been oblivious, Canadian monarchists would likely find the coincidence less than auspicious.

Still, it saves the Royals from wondering about their image among the colonial commoners. Some of the same questions perhaps, that I have.

Can National Hotdog Day be a civic holiday?” No, probably not.

“Is there a National Spaghetti Day?” Yes, says a Google search.

“Is there a National Bubblegum Day?” Does just “Bubblegum Day” count?

“Is there a National Castration Day?” What? Yes.


“Who has the power to declare such things as National Hotdog Day?” The National Hotdog and Sausage Council, in the US, according to Wikipedia.

“So Canadians are not alone in this?” No. In fact, “the hotdog-eating world”, according to Wikipedia, also includes Australia, the US, and Great Britain.

National Hotdog Day didn’t steal his thunder, but I don’t envy the kid. He doesn’t know what kind of world he’s gotten himself into.

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