The World Wide Web


By: Samantha Preddie

As suggested by its name, The World Wide Web is a big place. Google has indexed a mere % 0.04 of all that the web has to offer. With such a vast amount of cyber-space, the moments in which the internet is able bring people together is something of a marvel.

This by no means is a reference to Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr, which only superficially bring people together – These sites largely maintain the same social structures and framework we are all used to in the “real world.” There are unwritten rules regarding to what to do, what not to do, what’s cool, what’s not. Social constructs neatly compacted into the website’s dynamic.

No, the corners of the web that are truly awe-inspiring are ones in which people actually come together beyond the surface pleasantries. Platforms that provide people the opportunity to share stories, empathize, connect, and reveal themselves.

Websites such as, The Moth, Cowbird, Humans of New York, and Postsecret, stretch beyond boundaries, language barriers, lifestyles, traditions, and prejudices; showing people as people. These are the moments in which the internet has reached its full potential, when it’s worth something.

The Moth who bothers to ask, “What is the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for you?” and someone dares to answer, “In 3rd grade, my boyfriend “took the bullet” for me and snuck away to feed my Tamagotchi so it wouldn’t die… thus resulting in a pink slip for him”

Humans of New York where readers can gain insight from a man they may have never had the chance to meet. “It’s getting increasingly difficult to disconnect from the world. So everyone needs a drug – some way to disconnect from everything. For me, tango is that drug. When you dance tango, it’s like you are in a cloud for three minutes.”

Postsecret, where someone confesses that she, “masturbates to the thought of handing [her] abusive husband divorce papers.”

And Cowbird where the more inexplicable feelings can be expressed. “I look at people and I want to be them, to see how life feels for them. Every one of them. I want to be inside them and all over them and part of them. And every day I go out, every day I go out, the hunger gets worse.”**

Anonymous or not, suddenly, the internet makes you feel a little less lonely.

And then there are moments like this, when THIS 31 YEAR OLD MAN rigs a contest to so that none of Taylor Swift’s fans can have the opportunity to meet her backstage and essentially aspires to, “crush all those girls’ dreams (and then sniff Taylor Swift’s hair cos he’s into that) by winning this instead” [sic].

Yes, then there’s that corner of the web.


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