By: Samantha Preddie

Hand Bones

Hand Bones

Brandon –

When you pull the bones around the joint far enough apart, the pressure will build until bubbles start to burst.

A technique for people who’ve worked too long, trained too hard, bending their joints before the game, before swinging the hammer, or a punch. For the weary with old limbs that can no longer hold their place. And simultaneously the action is something young and fragile. Delicate bones that with a simple twist will click into place. Overused by the anxious and stressed.

The spine, literally integral to the stability of the human skeletal form is so easily twisted in and out of place.

“Spines are exceptionally unstable […] It is quite remarkable when you think of the subconscious coordination required to smoothly move 24 individual bones/joint complexes harmoniously through smooth trajectories.”*

People crack their joints to ease their muscles for a moment. It gives at least 30 minutes of relief until the bubbles start to form again.


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