By: The Newspaper Admin

If you’re in Greektown and are not just there every august for the cheap souvlaki sticks from Taste of the Danforth, the best place for any cheapskate to get their greek fix is definitely Louis Meat Market, where the sign at the front of the door says it all- “buy 10, get one free!”

This place combines fast food with old world Greek food. In a neighbourhood that is getting more and more gentrified, where Menchies and Yogurtys are starting dot the landscape, Louis Meat Market’s (or Loui’s as the business cards may erroneously say) aging blue and white signs makes a statement that Toronto’s old Greektown is well and truly alive, underneath all the new sushi restaurants and Summerlicious advertising.

The servers at Louis are old school greek, the kind that have worked behind the counter for nearly four decades and have developed raspy voices and snappy attitudes ad a result. Desirable handheld food such ad gyros are solid at Louis, prepped with fries inside all the fixings for just under $5.

First timers should try out the Greek Fries, thinly-sliced potatoes which are fried and covered in feta cheese, oil and seasonings. Sort of like a Greek twist on poutine, and definitely worth trying at only $3.75. for the smaller size.

Louis is one of the few Greek places on the Danforth that several generations have childhood memories from. It will always have its special place, no matter what new businesses move down the road.

Louis Meat Market is at 449 Danforth Ave. on the south side just west of Logan.

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