By: Calan Panchoo

2D-zilla can slide between buildings, I bet.

2D-zilla can slide between buildings, I bet.


Art is no longer for the wealthy elite, hipsters, vigilantes, new homeowners, children, New Yorker subscribers, and cookbooks. deviantArt user ~acefoo has combined photography and sprites from 8 and 16-bit video games and has merged them together to create a distinct and just pretty damn cool type of art.

In a way, it’s like literary reference for the gaming members of this techno generation.

The pictures combine high-def photography of real places and layering the odd, pixelated characters from NES and SNES games over top of it so that the screenshots resemble both our world and theirs.

Though his lot of photos are wondrous in their own little way, ~acefoo is not the first to do it. Victor Sauron and Glauber Tanaka – both also deviantArt users – have managed the same deed, earlier. From watching blocky Godzilla fight a giant squid in a real city, or seeing Mario blow up and actual castle, all three artists have taken on a range of games and locales and put them together with a surprising amount of ingenuity.

Oh yea, musicians. Musicians like art too.

Despite the fact that all the sprites are hindered by the limitations of aged technology, they still manage to pull off quite a visual rouse, including clever depth of field and something of an emotional connection to real people (or, monsters, as it were).

Even if someone is not into video games, at least they can appreciate some of the vistas. And if not that, at the very least, one can admire the creativity of three random internet artists.

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