By: Calan Panchoo

Jackson and Mercury

Jackson and Mercury

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Two of the most iconic performers of their generation – Michael Jackson and Queen’s Freddie Mercury – have come together in posthumous fervour to debut previously unreleased duets this fall.

Well, that’s not quite fair — it’s not exactly their fervour; but, for those audiophiles who have ever stared longingly at their black and white bedroom posters at night, wishing those musical heroes of yore would unite to produce magic, the time has finally come.

It will be “something for folks to hear,” Queen guitarist Brian May told the U.K. Times about the collaborations. He and his former band mate Roger Taylor have been prepping the music for release, calling their work “exciting, challenging [and] emotionally taxing. But cool.”

Jackson and Mercury recorded some songs that would have been released to the public on Jackson’s next album. The pair become friends in the 80s, and were said to have collaborated and recorded songs together in one six-hour recording session. Three duets were recorded, but because of alleged tension between the two, no further work was done.

Nearly twenty years after those lost songs were shelved, they have finally been cleared for resurrection and May began the process of preparing them.

They were intended to have been ready for public delivery last year, but the editing process has taken longer than expected. The duets are now slated for a Fall release.

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