Franklin Dresses Up


By: Calan Panchoo

Flickr user Flaunted photoshopped this nifty turtleburger pic.

Flickr user Flaunted photoshopped this nifty turtleburger pic.


A man in China loves his dear pet so much, that he tried to sneak it onto a plane disguised as none other than a hamburger. His dear pet, it so happens, is a turtle.

According to Guangzhou Daily (translated through South China Morning Post), the pet lover – whose surname is Li – tried to smuggle his critter through airport security in a KFC hamburger.

Security caught it, of course. The x-rays showed some “odd protrusions” jutting out of the burger which the man had packed away, reported SCMP. Airport staff noted that it looked something like a turtle, and so examined his bag.

“There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger” Li reportedly said. “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

Nothing special indeed – last week they were teaching turtles to smoke, now they are making them dress up like things. These people really love turtles.

Li said he concocted the idea because he could not endure the thought of being separated from his pet.

I want to make a joke about hyperbolic pet lusts, but that would be hypocritical. I mean, us North Americans, we love us our pets – specifically our dogs and our cats. We’ll do anything for them, anything. So if one man loves his one little turtle that damn much, who are we to blame him?

I just hope he had mustard on that burger; far too many burgers lack the tart stuff these days.

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