By: Calan Panchoo

Excitable Pacific Rim fans have remade the trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s latest in full on retro Japanese Toho Scope glory.

Because, you know, we all think the movie is clearly too Westernized.

Toho Company Ltd. is a Japanese theatre, distribution, and production company headquartered in Chiyoda, and it’s trademark grainy, over stylized shots are the hallmark of Jap monster movies like Godzilla.

The trailer adds another layer of tribute to a film already drowning in homage, right down to the nonsensically convenient use of weaponry and clichéd last stand moments. The reimagined minute and a half of footage will reach into the darkest, most exotic part of your brain and remind you of what foreign movies were like in those simpler times past.

Regardless, it nails the Tokusatsu vibe completely, and it really shows where the movie got its inspiration.

What does “Tokusatsu” mean, you ask? It’s a Japanese term that describes live-action television or film which– you know what, just watch the trailer.

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