By: Yasmine Laasraoui


Rob Ford happily poses at nightclub Muzik on Saturday

Katie Younes / InstagramFord Nation

Mayor Rob Ford’s “best mayor” title was tarnished once again by Ray Fredette, a retiree who filed a formal complaint with the integrity commissioner against the mayor on Friday. Fredette alleges that Mayor Ford improperly used his influence as well as city property. A cause for celebration? Ford thinks so—the Mayor created a social media buzz with his appearance at Toronto club, Muzik on Saturday night.  


Global Ambassador

Also causing hype Saturday was the Raptors “global ambassador’s” fashion statement at Drake Night. The inner lining of Drake’s suit jacket was designed with a Vince Carter 15 jersey. Must have been a lucky charm; the Raptors beat the Brooklyn Nets 96-80.


A state of defrost

The city saw a series of temperature fluctuations this week, hitting a high of seven degrees on Saturday. Although the thawing city didn’t witness any flooding, the shift in temperature has put substantial stress on the roadways. Included in the estimated $106 million price tag for ice storm clean-up are pothole crews who will be hitting the streets Monday repairing the roads that have been affected.  


No fly zone

The freezing temperatures also caused Pearson International Airport to declare a “ground stop” for the first time in 15 years, preventing arriving North American flights from landing on Tuesday. The hundreds of cancelled flights delays caused much criticism. To make matters worse, fog and software glitches caused even more delays on Saturday.


U of T goes out on a limb

The U of T lab that made the news this summer for successfully printing a 3-D gun is partnering up with a Ugandan hospital and international NGO to help make sockets and artificial limbs. The advent of 3-D printing can speed up the sizing and making of prosthesis to under 24 hours.


Flu season

As of Friday, the North York General Hospital confirmed that five people have been admitted with the H1N1 virus. The hospital has been isolated, and the patients are said to be recovering. The hospital reported that since January 7, no spread of the virus took place at the hospital.   



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