The Week Jan 26 – Feb 1


By: Yasmine Laasraoui


Otherstream / FlickrLoblaws to build in Kensington Market

Grocery store giant Loblaws is set to open a store next to Kensington Market at College and Spadina in 2016. Torontonians have voiced their opinion since word got out about Loblaws’ plan, with over 7,000 individuals supporting Friends of Kensington Market. The community fears that the Loblaws will force the neighbourhood’s small independent stores to close. Despite public outcry, the owners of the two-story condo building have reached a deal and are planning to make the 20,000 square foot second floor store.


Mo’ money

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced on Thursday that the Ontario minimum wage will be raised to $11, effective June 1, 2014. The 75 cents raise is the first since 2010. Also, the province’s Liberal government has tied future wage increases to the rate of inflation. Criticism from the right and from groups such as the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association are being confronted with anti-poverty activists who believe $11 is still too low. Wynne has called it a “fair adjustment.”

Dangerously cold

The homeless Jesus statue belonging to the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields shattered last Thursday, Jan. 23 due to the extreme cold. The church has used this to call attention to the issue of homelessness this winter, calling for help to provide hot meals at Metro Hall.


Humans at U of T

A Facebook page called The Humans of the University of Toronto surfaced this week, already gaining well over 2,000 likes. The page, based off the popular Humans of New York photoblog, posts portraits and captions of people around the U of T community. Created by a student, Jemel, the page aims to “unite our amazing community.”

Love calling

The live casting tour for the Bachelor Canada made a stop in Toronto on Saturday at the Grand Hotel and Suites on Jarvis. Brad C. Smith, bachelor from the first season and football player, appeared at the casting call, talking with hopeful single ladies looking for Mr. Right. The new season is planned to air in Fall 2014.

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