The Week : April 31-March 4


By: Clarrie Feinstein


Hot Docs released their documentary screening schedule this week / Nik Dudukovic for Hot Docs Screening Schedule

Toronto Star fights to acquire an alleged video of police assaulting man

Earlier this week, preliminary investigations began in the police department. January 2014, Curtis Young was charged for assaulting four police officers, when in reality the policeman “lied, exaggerated, and colluded” in the resulting report. A video of the assault committed by the officers on Young was recorded and the Toronto Star is diligently trying to acquire the video to show the severity of police misconduct in Toronto.

Mayoral debates see inter-candidate heckling 

This past Wednesday, the five main mayoral candidates had their first debate. The subjects of focus were: transit, housing, city budget and more. Unfortunately, the second debate, which was held at Ryerson University, centered on Rob Ford’s drug allegations and connections. Reporters and students directly asked Ford questions about his drug use. Ford replied saying “I’m human” and “not perfect,” which received negative reaction from the crowd, who continued to heckle him all evening. The other mayoral candidates have alluded to Ford’s “scandals” but have not explicitly mentioned his drug use, garnering negative reactions from news analysts, who believe that is the way to crack down on the mayor.  

Hot Docs listing is up!

The listing for the annual documentary film festival, Hot Docs has finally arrived. Showcasing 180 documentaries from established filmmakers to up-and-coming directors, the films vary in topic from politics to musically-themed  documentaries. The festival runs from April 24-May 4 in various locations across the city.

Up next weekend: The Good Food and Drink Festival

The Good Food and Drink Festival hosts manufacturers of beer, wine and food from around the world. Food samples are provided and paired with wine tastings from Ontario-based wineries. Experts and chefs discuss pressing issues in the food industry and give helpful tips on how to choose the right produce. The festival runs from April 4-6 at the Direct Energy Centre.

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