By: Yasmine Laasraoui


Photo: YouTube via Rob Fordmore Ford problems

Word is out that Mayor Rob Ford violated election rules with his new campaign ad. The video can be watched here. The ad appears to be filmed in a government building, which Karen Stintz was quick to call Ford out on, “It’s not within the rules. But Mayor Ford has been playing by his own rules for the last four years.”  Sorry Rob, the sentimental music and your devoutness to the business ethic (cue “the customer is always right” line) ain’t swinging my vote. 


Liberty Village shooting

An investigation is underway about a shooting that occurred early Monday morning near King and Dufferin. Three people were shot, two of which were taken to the hospital. Amidst the havoc, a woman was hit by a car. All four victims were injured, but were not subject to life threatening wounds. Police are still looking for the shooter as well as the black car that hit the woman.


million dollar makeover

A revitalization of Ontario Place was announced on Thursday, which plans to use $100 million to transform the venue into an urban park and waterfront trail. The renovations will serve as a “continuation of the rich legacy of live music and a desire for an innovative destination that unites land and water,” said Minister of Tourism Michael Coteau. Among the construction plans, the province aims to build a “celebration common,” “live music legacy,” and a “canal district.”


Drizzy at OVO

Last night marked the fifth annual OVO fest, hosted at the Molson Amphitheatre. Surprise appearances were made by Lauryn Hill, Usher, 50 Cent and G-Unit. Disappointed you missed the 40-song setlist that included In Da Club ? Well you also missed an appearance by his mom. 

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