By: Isabel Carlin

First year student at UC, Isabel, navigates her way through the loud, confusing, intense excitement better known as Frosh Week:

Day One: the saga begins

Things of note that happened today: I learned the official UC anti-engineer cheer. Love it.


Other than the fact that I was aggressively awoken at 5am for no reason, the first day of frosh was awesome, and I made some new friends!

We had lasagna for dinner, which I didn’t have because I’m not a fan of pasta. Hot dogs for lunch, and bagels for breakfast. Seriously underwhelming, UC. Gimme some chicken wings or something, please.

Aside from the food, we had some inconsequential activities such as learning cheers (fun!), learning about the history of UC (ok!), and learning about adjusting to academic life in university (I skipped that).

That night there was a glow in the dark capture the flag match called Monster Madness, which sounded awesome (your chronically ill reporter was forced to stay inside and rest). An enthusiastic fellow froshie reports: “It glowed.”

Day Two: the saga continues

Today I woke up at the reasonable hour of 9am which made me very happy. The food was significantly better, which means that my entire life is now significantly better. Thanks, UC.

Today’s main event, UC day, was pretty intense. We had little passports which you had to get stamped at different info stations, which gave me flashbacks to Disneyworld. Do they think that frosh are high school graduates or 6 year olds?? #realquestions

Aside from unexpected crime serial reruns, frosh is about making friends, which I have somehow managed to do in spite of my severe lack of marketable friendship skills. And hell, if I can do it you can, too! Even if you are reading my ridiculous frosh liveblogging instead of looking at the world around you.

UC frosh folks are now headed to check out the rest of Toronto, while I go out to buy toothpaste because I have been borrowing toothpaste for the past two days (and I’ve lived in this city for the past four years, so if I don’t know it yet I don’t think there’s any hope for me). Stay tuned for more updates – peace out, frosh babies! 

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