By: Isabel Carlin


Frosh participants block off Bay & Bloor. One of the signs held up for the visual pleasure of impatiently waiting drivers said “Remember Internet Explorer? Don’t complain.”Dear readers, if you were to look at the schedule for the day, you would see a block with the word “Tradition” on it. There is no explanation. If you were in the same position as our dear blogger, you might have asked your frosh leader to explain what Tradition is, and you may have been met with the same mysterious and vague explanation of “oh, well, uh, it’s tradition.”


Your curiosity unsatisfied, you opt to attend the event despite your previous resolution to sleep in. This is a choice you will not regret.

Tradition is what I imagine people who actually enjoy working out experience every time they go to the gym. It’s senseless physical activity, but the endorphin rush is enough to make it worth it (similar to being on a treadmill at the gym with a personal trainer, frosh were commanded by their frosh leaders to keep running to fill the gaps in our contingent. Do not disobey the frosh leaders. It isn’t worth it).

So, Tradition was off to a pretty great start. It can’t get any better than this, one would think.


But then we returned to the U of T campus, and oh boy, was that an adventure.

Other activities followed, but after the opportunity to not only cause major distress to many hurried drivers in a few of the busiest intersections in Toronto, as well as enact emotional torture on fellow U of T colleges, everything else seems a little anticlimactic.

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