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Dillon Francis @ Spring Awakening 6/15/2014

Dillon Francis is an LA-based DJ and producer, and now, a zombie promoting his album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, which is featured in the film Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, which premiered on Oct. 30 just in time for Halloween. The film follows three high school sophomores-slash-boy scouts and a cocktail waitress from a strip club whose night goes awry when they come face-to-face with zombies.

Paramount Pictures arranged a conference with colleges all around North America with Dillon Francis. A high school DJ at the boy scout seniors’ party, Dillon talks about the makeup process for being dead, his first experiences on a Hollywood set and how fun it was to get his head blown up.

How did you get the role of Dead Dillon?  

The script was e-mailed to my management actually, and I just looked over the script, and who doesn’t want to be a zombie? They said that I would just be a DJ, and then I get eaten and turn into a zombie and my head explodes and I was like, “That is fantastic, let’s do it.”  

What did it take to get you looking like the Dillon?

I think for the movie, it was about three hours in the chair. Just sitting there … they had to tape my lip up. And then, for the recent stuff that I’ve been doing for the Dead Dillon character, for my Instagram, it took two hours. Oh, yes. It takes three hours to get on and then three hours to get off.  

What was your favorite part about shooting the movie?

The whole thing. I love being on set. There’s just like so much fun to work on. I used to work as a photo assistant when I was a teenager so I thought it was really like the whole vibe of just being on set.  

What was the transition like from being such a big name in music to acting in a major motion picture?  

It was all pretty much easy, I don’t think there’s anything really hard about it. It was just really cool that Christopher Landon had wanted me to be in it. It really is an honour because I love acting, like from what I post on social media. So, anything I can really do in that area is just a blast.  

What was your initial reaction was when you officially saw yourself on the big screen?

I was like, “Fuck, yes.” Chris (Landon) sent me a little video … through iMessage of my head. He was like, “I’m going to get you a blog site with your head exploding and you’re going to be so happy with it because the effects are so awesome.” I was like, “This is the coolest thing ever.” I think everyone wants their head to explode in some movie, and if they don’t, maybe they suck as a person.

How is that different from being on stage?  

I don’t know, I like it more. Because it’s just so cool, when we were actually in the movie theater and watching the whole film and then seeing myself up there. It’s so weird. As a kid, you go to movies all the time, and my dream is always is like to have something in TV like Jim Carrey, who was my favorite person since I’ve watched every single movie of his when I was growing up. So to see myself up there is just so cool.  

You have a visual experience show, [a] collaboration with Pizzaslime, can you elaborate on this?  

Yes. So, the visualizer is a 15-minute mix that I took together with them with footage. Some of it is from my live footage from when I actually DJ that you can receive while I’m playing. And a lot of stuff is cut from the movie that aren’t actually in the movie. For the Dead Dillon stuff, Paramount was like, “Hey, we want you to have fun and basically make this character,” and I was able to make a music video for all that as Dead Dillon. The idea I came up with was I was trying to be a zombie in the normal world, but he has all the same problems that everyone else has. So, that’s the video that I’ve been posting recently for Instagram and Facebook. It’s just this weird character that has a girlfriend but he’s dead.  

If you could do a back to back set with three fictional characters, who would it be?

Let’s see. Albert Einstein. Martin Luther King, because he has a dream and I do, too. And, who else … Abraham Lincoln.

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